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Civilised society advocates brassiere to contain breasts. This prevents movement of the freely suspended breasts, which Nature intended. Movement of the breasts probably helps in lymphatic drainage of breast tissue. Lack of movement may increase lymphatic stagnation and may increase the probability of formation of fibroadenosis or lumpy breasts.

Specific tumours of the breast or Fibro adenoma are very common. Many women have lumps which are harmless and benign. Breast cancers are malignant and aggressive.

When a breast lump is discovered, It is important to diagnose malignancy with certainty before a loose diagnosis of “probably malignant” is made. An excision biopsy is performed and on the operation table itself a decision is made whether the lump is benign or malignant. If it is probably malignant, the surgeon removes the entire breast and nearby structures.

Therefore if a breast lump is discovered, it is advisable to not fuse the excision biopsy with radical surgery of breast removal. Multiple opinions can be sought by showing the biopsy specimen to competent pathologists to diagnose cancer or rule it out with certainty.

If Breast cancer is diagnosed, then options of chemotherapy and radiation must be weighed. If chemotherapy has contained most of the cancer cells, then the need for total eradication must be weighed with the patient’s ability to tolerate chemotherapy. Chemotherapy will kill all rapidly dividing cells, may cause organ failure and bone marrow depression, killing many patients with its complications.

A similar logic can be applied to cancer of the female reproductive tract i.e. cervical cancer which is very common.

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