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The final event in a human’s life is death. The first event of death is cardiorespiratory arrest where the heart and lungs stop working.

When a person is dying, his heart rate slows, blood pressure fades and breathing becomes shallow. The person may die within hours or minutes. During this time, you may choose to hold his hand, talk to him passionately about how good the journey has been and how well he has lived life, satisfied his dreams and made others happy. The departing may often kiss you on your request, despite the agony of dying.

As soon as a person’s heart stops beating, lungs stop inflating and body becomes unresponsive, he is declared dead. After arrest, the Brain takes a 6-12 minutes to die as it is deprived of blood supply due to arrest of the heartbeat. In this duration, the patient is experiencing his last few moments and connection with his world. His senses are very well tuned in absorbing every stimulus of touch, sound or smell. He is in a state of heightened awareness. This is a time to not cry, but to convey to him that his life was well concluded. This can be done by taking his head on your lap and whispering words of love in his ears. Some choose to even clap and say “Great life, well lived”

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