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The subject of Medicine creates fear. With all the advances, billions of dollars spent on research and innovations in patient care, we are still not closer to curing the age old diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, cancer or organ failure. The Doctor fails to allay our apprehension and we still dread going to the hospital.

Solutions to the usual medical problems are getting more and more radical. Intervention seems to be the present century’s mantra. Cut, Replace, Transplant and Radiate is the only final resort. The patient has become impatient and wants a quick permanent remedy. The Doctor has become aggressive and wants to remove everything that is diseased, including appendix, gall bladder, breast, kidney, slipped disc, tooth etc. Disease too has become resistant to conventional medication, necessitating the synthesis of newer drugs to treat the same old infections.

Animals too suffer from the same spectrum of disease as humans. They appear pretty comfortable and happy enduring the very same illnesses, without rushing to the laboratory, X- ray clinics or doing sonography, MRI or CT scans. No ICU, no surgery or life support is needed to comfort the suffering. No reassurance is needed. Why are these (supposed) lower animals so comfortable?

People die in the villages without visiting hospitals or seeking intensive care units. They seem comfortable, even though they are deprived of access to modern medical amenities.

Somewhere we have gone terribly wrong. We need the doctor to reassure us and make us comfortable during the natural process of birth, growth, ageing, disease and death. We need medical facilities to make the endurance of disease easier, and not to make it challenging or demanding. We don’t need to die, fighting disease in the ICU or operation theatre. We need to die in close proximity to our family, talking to them and feeling their presence one last time.

Modern medicine needs to change its focus. We don’t need to fight disease, reverse ageing and prevent death. Instead we need to build confidence in the body’s healing process, understand ageing and face imminent death.

Is this really possible? Yes, it is. If you understand how the body works. How the body is the most advanced computer system designed till date. Its wisdom is beyond life and death. The body’s inner intelligence is focussed upon survival of the individual, healing of ailments, propagation of the species and evolution of the race.

In this site, we have covered in brief, the structure and function of the human body, causation of disease, its natural progression, the body’s precise defence mechanisms and the fundamentals of Natural Healing i.e. healing by aiding nature and augmenting inherent physiological defence mechanisms of the body

The magic hand of God, the marvel of Nature, the wonders of the supernatural, all are found within the human body. This book is to bring awareness of the beauty within, to gain confidence in disease, to rely less on technology and more on the inherent wisdom of the human body.

We sincerely hope that after reading this site, the reader will be empowered with confidence in the body’s defence process, tolerance to the discomfort of disease, aversion to unnecessary radical interventions and awe for the magic within.



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