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When there is chest pain due to low blood supply to the heart, the Doctor advises a STRESS ECG TEST. This test has many false positives, leading to the doctor asking for CORONARY ARTERY ANGIOGRAPHY. This is an invasive test in which a dye is injected into the coronary arteries which carry blood to the heart and X-rays are taken to demonstrate blockages. If blockages are found, the doctor decides on ANGIOPLASTY or OPEN HEART BYPASS SURGERY.
In ANGIOPLASTY a tube is inserted into the blocked coronary artery and it is cleaned by physically breaking blocks and inserting stents to keep the artery open in the future. The broken fragments of the block can pass to the brain causing Strokes. The artery can rupture during the clearing process causing need for emergency BYPASS SURGERY. Further the stent can gather blood clots and pass on to the brain causing Stroke within 6 months.
In OPEN HEART BYPASS SURGERY an artery or vein from elsewhere is used to bypass the blocked artery by stitching it to the coronary artery. However Bypass surgery often fails as the newly stitched arteries get blocked by the body mechanisms necessitating the need for another BYPASS or ANGIOPLASTY.
If the time for death has come, the patient may die of an unexpected heart attack without any previous heart disease. Alternatively even with serious heart disease and blockages, the patient may not die for years and inherent body mechanisms may keep his heart in working order. The inherent mechanism starts taking over as blockages develop, provided healthy lifestyle habits are followed. Exercise helps in development of collateral channels, which are miniature capillaries allowing blood to bypass the blocked arteries, via outside parallel tracks. Thus a fully blocked artery may still deliver adequate blood to the heart muscle, permitting a healthy life.


1. Lose Weight
2. Stop Smoking.
3. Stop Alcohol. If you cannot, reduce to 90 ml a day. Consume diluted with plain water over 1-2 hours.
4. Walk 30 - 60 minutes a day. Progressively increase the duration.
5. If Breathless or Chest pain, stop current activity and take deep breaths. After pain disappears you may resume your walk.
6. Alkalinize. Stop all sour food. (Tamarind, kokum, citrus fruit, pickle, sour curd, soya, vinegar, sauces, etc. Have bitter gourd juice (Dudhi) or Water melon peel juice or Potato juice or Karela-Neem-Pudina every day.
7. Reduce Salt. Stop your papad, pickle, biscuits, chutney, etc.
8. Eat more dietary fibre in form of salad and fruit and less sugar, fried food, oil & ghee
9. Recreate. Manage your Stress. Meditate.
10. In consultation with your doctor, reduce or taper medications to a bare minimum.
PLEASE NOTE: specific therapy will vary from patient to patient and cannot be discussed here.

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