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Diabetes is considered the rapidly spreading scourge of the current century. The killer disease! Killing silently, suddenly and mercilessly.

Using the objectivity of scientific thought, one is forced to wonder how much truth lies in the above statement. Diabetes was always there. Deaths due to cardiovascular disease are now on the rise. Why blame diabetes alone?

One must also contemplate. Tighter and tighter control of blood sugar is advocated with passing time. Despite the fact that there are clear studies that show that the tighter the control of blood sugar in a diabetic, the greater the incidence of renal complications and retinal complications.

The Framingham and other subsequent trials have shown us that Diabetes is only ONE factor out of many contributing factors to cause micro and macro angiopathies that cause Ischemic heart disease and ischemic brain disease and kill causing Myocardial and cerebral infarctions. So we should not regard Diabetes to be the ONLY factor “causing” rather than “predisposing” to ischemic processes that characterize ageing. Hence the obsession for rigid and tight control of blood sugar levels may not be justified.

Also, with stringent control of diabetes with the ever increasing variety of chemical agents, the alertness, energy levels and quality of life seem to be on the decline. We must wonder, whether it is worth subjecting the patient to a lifetime of reduced alertness and malaise to cater to the obsession of modern medicine to adhere to the normal level of blood sugar namely 80-120 mg percent.

One must also never forget what was an age old adage in medical schools- “While high blood sugar kills in decades, low blood sugar kills in seconds!” This should caution us against maintaining ultra normal levels of blood sugar while treating with Insulin or its derivatives.
There are two types of Diabetes. Type One (IDDM), manifesting in childhood, where the body has no insulin at all and Type Two (NIDDM), manifesting in middle age, where the body has insulin but the body cells are resistant to its action.

Type one- Diabetes is an inherent defect where patients require Insulin and die within a few decades. Type two Diabetes is more common and affects plenty of people in their middle ages. This type of diabetes is an acquired disease, caused by erroneous lifestyle habits. These patients don’t always require insulin but are often put on insulin. So is it really worthwhile subjecting these cases to the abuse of Insulin therapy and the host of side effects that plaque the patient?

What is actually required is to break the insulin resistance of the body cells which oppose the action of already present insulin. This can be easily achieved by correcting lifestyles, by losing fatty weight, increasing muscular tissue, eating more fibre and less sugar, reducing processed food, and exercising regularly.

Once again using Oral antidiabetic medications to treat diabetes, aiming for a perfect blood sugar reading of 80-120 mg percent is going to upset day to day life, especially when the fall in sugar levels below normal cause loss of alertness, muscular fatigue and low enthusiasm and depression. So radical lowering of blood sugar using medications may reduce the quality of life.

Natural Healing Principles for Diabetes

Lose weight by reducing calories, Eat less and avoid fried food, cream, ghee & sweets

Cardio exercise (40-60 minutes) should be started like swimming and walking to reduce heart rate, blood pressure and control blood sugar.

Exercise daily. Resistance training with light weights will enhance muscle size and reduce insulin resistance.

Change dietary sugar from sucrose (sugared sweet) to fructose (sweet of fruit or honey) as fructose is better tolerated by the body.

Add dietary fibre (roughage) by eating enough uncooked food made up of salad, fruit and sprouts along with a carbohydrate - rich diet. You may consume multigrain flour made from cereals and pulses instead of wheat flour for rotis.

Maintain a healthy balanced diet that is rich in proteins. Eat on time every day, this helps to maintain hormonal balance in the body. Stop non vegetarian food (especially red meat). Consume two eggs with one yolk to balance loss.

Manage stress by meditation. Take regular vacations.

Sleep enough, Sleep and wake up on time, expose self to sunlight for half hour every day. This helps again in stabilizing diurnal hormonal levels which in turn will help stabilize insulin levels.

Alkalinize your system with Gourd juice or Raw vegetable juices. Alkaline therapy helps control blood sugar better.

Cut down addictions like smoking and alcohol

As Blood sugar levels start falling, Drug therapy may be slowly reduced and tapered off. In Insulin dependent Diabetics, the Doctor may then attempt to reduce Insulin injection dosage.

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