Natural Healing Therapy
Without Surgery Drugs or Invasive procedures

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We are here to QUESTION the answers & not to ANSWER the questions.
We have to study everything WITH AN OPEN MIND, before making a decision.  Decisions are to be made with OBJECTIVITY & CLARITY, and not because they have been followed for traditions in past.
We make no claim that the statistics on this site are accurate. Statistics keep changing with the years.
We have put up this information for the one who is open minded, also for those who are seekers of the truth.
If this website sparks an interest, raises a question and makes you contemplate it has served its purpose. 

Please Note:

We only offer advice on Alternative Options & treatment. All treatment is dictated by your personal decisions and consent, you are free to consult us for detailed therapy.

Listed in this site are some fundamental explanations of how natural healing mechanisms present within the body, work in control, cure or prevention of disease. It is to be noted that these are only broad principles & not the entire gamut of Natural Healing Therapy. These measures are applicable to most illnesses under relevant systems, but by no means are always applicable to every disease & every patient.

No scientific medical book has ever claimed to be a self-treatment guide to readers. However it is our belief that these principles should help in improving overall health.

It is also to be understood that these are only general measures and in addition specific remedies are required, which differ from disease to disease, patient to patient. These remedies can only be outlined in personal consultations, when desired and taken.  

We hope you will surely benefit from these natures principles

The information given here is general and not intended for specific patients. Do not treat yourself without proper medical advice. Any information you may use from this website for self treatment is at your own risk 

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