Natural Healing Therapy
Without Surgery Drugs or Invasive procedures

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This is the most important therapeutic technique of Natural healing. This can only be implemented by the Natural healing physician via consultation

General principles of Natural healing are useful in boosting overall immunity and accelerating already set in inherent defence mechanisms of healing. Organ specific principles deal with improving general health of various organs. Disease specific principles deal with treatment of specific diseases by using certain drugs, physiologic manipulation and augmentation techniques.

Disease means anything that causes discomfort or unease to the patient. The body compensates for the assault of disease by inflammation and expulsion of the causative germs. Inflammation causes pain, swelling and inability to use the affected part. All these are mechanisms of repair. Pain and inability to use the affected part is the body’s method of resting and recuperating. Abolishing these will delay healing and make the patients life uncomfortable due to the numerous adverse effects.

Specific methods of Natural healing use scientific understanding to accelerate healing while not interfering with the body’s inherent mechanisms. Specific methods involves the following:


    AVOIDING SYMPTOM RELIEVERS: Most of pharmacology is about using drugs to abolish symptoms of disease process. Actually these symptoms are manifestations of healing. A dead part never gives pain. It never swells up. It never loses function temporarily, it is permanantly disabled. Its only when tissue repairs that pain is felt. Symptoms appear and also serve their purpose. Diarrhoea, cough, vomiting and frequent urination are methods of expelling bacteria from the infected tracts. So the use of drugs to abolish the dis–ease experienced by these symptoms is pointless.

    USING KICK STARTERS: Sometimes drugs are used to kickstart the healing process or manipulate the body into healing. Like delepting the body of fluid when waterlogging of the lungs ocuur. Lasix can be life saving in acute pulonary oedema. Penicillin may help contain meningitis or an expanding brain abcess. Antibiotics may help the expulsion of pus or abort pus formation. Anti convulsants may limit the number of fits.

    MODERATING THE USE OF DRUGS: While allopathic drugs may help certain situations, they also cause adverse effects all over the body. Sometimes these adverse effects may harm vital organs. So in treating a periferal disease, one may end up endagering the organs of survival. For instance anti-inflammatory drugs taken over long periods for relief of knee joint arthritis may result in renal failure. Or steroids taken to contain bronchial asthma may cause avascular necrosis of the femur and cripple the patient forever. Or use of aggressive chemotherapy to contain a cancer which has a 50 percent five year survival may cause renal or hepatic failure and kill in months. A blood thinner used after stent angioplasty may kill by brain haemorrhage.

    MAKING THE CHOICES: So in Natural Healing, one has to carefully weigh (a) whether drugs are used? (b) which drugs are used? (c) what dosage of drugs are used? (d) what duration is used?


Natural Healing advocates methods of manipulation of body physiology to facilitate the healing process. Making small changes in habits may bring about huge improvements for the patient. For instance, the process of sweating may facilitate excretion and help renal failure. Low sodium in the diet will reduce cardiac load and help cardiac failure. High potassium will lower blood pressure.


Natural healing techniques can be used to accelerate the healing mechanisms. Like Alkaline juices will help clear coronary blockades. Blood sugar can be controlled by lowering insulin resistance by dietary fibre and sucrose substitution by fructose. Cholesterol levels can be similarly manipulated. Expulsion of pus can be facilitated by increasing the intra cavity pressure, liquifaction of pus. Asthma can be relieved by thinning of the bronchial secretions and relaxation of bronchial muscles. Osteoporosis can be dealt with by increasing calcium deposition in bone via muscular resistance and incresing input of vit D. Cancer can be tolerated by relief of obstruction and pressure manifestation, while not assaulting the body with chemotherapy.

Please Note: You will have to consult Natural Healing Physician for specific therapy

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