Natural Healing Therapy
Without Surgery Drugs or Invasive procedures

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Rao’s area of expertise is Non Interventional Disease Management (NATURAL HEALING) including prevention of unnecessary Bypass heart surgery, Angioplasty, Spine and Back Surgery, Joint Replacement & Organ Transplantations, especially when the patient does not desire it, and helping patients to avoid unwanted Chemotherapy for end stage malignancy / cancers.

Raos are also known for the treatment of Chronic diseases by Natural Healing for Asthma, Slip disc, Peptic ulcers, Piles, Fissures, High blood pressure, Diabetes, Heart disease, Stroke and Paralysis.

Major Rao is also a great protagonist of treating terminal patients at home, giving them a dignified death without intubating every orifice, avoiding ventilators & dialysis wherever possible. He specializes in treatment of Interventional dilemmas, chronic diseases and terminal patient care.

The Raos are available for Natural Healing consults and visits. They also conduct Corporate Seminars & Group lectures on special consideration.

CALL on 9820496752 / 9969022229(SMS ONLY) (office)

45 minute Consultations will outline how surgery, drugs and interventions can be avoided and healing can be affected by Natural healing.

those with Cancer, Organ transplantation recommendations or Interventional indications will require special consultation for 90 minutes

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