Natural Healing Therapy
Without Surgery Drugs or Invasive procedures

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NATURAL HEALING: Heal without interference to body. Using sound scientific principles from Allopathy, It must be wisely contemplated whether it is worthwhile interfering with the inherent defence mechanisms of the body or not. Just because interventional therapy is expensive, it does not mean it is the best form of therapy available. The efficacy of therapy is not proportional to its expense. Money cannot buy life or comfort.

The Doctor must use his knowledge of patho-physiology & therapeutic skills to achieve maximum comfort zone with minimum complication in order to aid bodily repair & survival mechanisms. He must maximize the body’s own inherent mechanism of dealing with disease.

In primordial (prehistoric) man, these inner healing mechanisms were finely tuned and well honed. This is because, the ape man lived a natural way of life, as intended by Nature, eating raw food, breathing fresh air, moving all his muscles to run, climb, swim and hunt. The need to survive would extract peak performance from the brain and peak output from the heart. The man who fell ill was similar to the old man as both were immobile and subject to being hunted by predators. Hence in order to survive, the body had developed maximum healing response to ailment.

However urbanization and present day habits with polluted air, preserved food and redundant movement have rendered the body’s inherent processes feeble and weakened the survival mechanisms. Thus our inherent defence to disease has deteriorated.

Natural Healing is the method of enhancing these inner defence mechanisms by following sound allopathic and scientific principles. It only defies the long term use of high dose strong medications. And it challenges the use of unwarranted intervention and surgery. It advocates methods of augmenting the existing inner physiological methods of healing.

Correction of various lifestyle factors that caused or precipitated the disease is crucial to aid healing. The Natural Healing Physician helps the patient to understand the disease process and allows the body’s wisdom to do its part without interference by harmful drugs or avoidable surgery. This gives comfort & peace to the ailing, who heal comfortably in his home environment while trying to maintain his routine, whenever possible.

Natural Healing Therapy will not only accelerate the healing process, but will also shorten the duration of illness and reduce the intensity of suffering.

NATURAL HEALING is therefore holistic, conservative, supportive and non- interventional therapy that enhances inherent existing defence mechanisms of the body.

Natural Healing Therapy involves general as well as organ specific factors or principles. General factors promote overall health and healing mechanisms, whereas organ specific factors promote bodily healing of specific systems.


    Healthy Nutrition: Natural Healing with a balanced diet
    Natural Healing by Blood pH regulation: Alkalinize the System
    Fasting to remove toxins & maximize blood supply
    Natural Healing by Exercise: Therapy via movement
    Natural Healing by Diurnal Rhythm: Maintaining hormone balance
    Natural Healing by Sleep: Resting the tissues
    Natural Healing by Body weight control: reducing the load
    Natural Healing by Melatonin: regulating youth hormones.
    Natural Healing with Parasympathetic response: Manage Stress.
    Natural Healing by Blood Volume balance
    Natural Healing by De addiction
    Natural Healing by minimizing Drug therapy
    Natural Healing by Reset: Regular orgasms for health.
    Natural Healing by cleansing the air and washing out the Pollutants
    Natural Healing by correct Attitudes

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