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Normal BP is said to be a perfect 120/80 mm of mercury. Blood pressure is one body parameter that exhibits maximum variation among population of the world. So it does not follow the parabola of the standard deviation curve, thereby making it difficult to scientifically conclude the normal values. So the BP value of 120/80mm of Hg is arbitrary.

Blood Pressure also varies from moment to moment. Food, Fight or flight response, Sex, Anger, Stress, Exertion all raise the blood pressure and keep it up for a while, which is normal. Happiness, peace, relaxation, recreation, sleep all reduce the blood pressure as a normal physiological mechanism.

This means to know our normal baseline resting BP, we must be in a complete state of rest and relaxation; else we shall be recording higher readings as the baseline value.

High BP can be diagnosed when two or more resting BP readings are high, which are taken in a state of complete physical and mental rest.

The BP phobia started long ago, when trials in Framingham conducted showed an association between high BP readings and heart attacks and strokes. However it is an association and not a cause effect relation. This means that high BP does not necessarily cause heart attacks or strokes but that in patients of heart attacks and strokes, BP is often found to be high. Trials have shown that when more than 1000 patients with high BP are treated with BP lowering drugs, and compared to 1000 patients with high BP who are untreated, you end up preventing one stroke. Statistically it does not seem that treating high BP prevents stroke or heart attack. Even conventionally, Blood Pressure equal to or more than 150/100 mmHg may merit treatment with drugs.

Heart attack medications are drugs which block adrenaline receptors or calcium entry into the cardiac muscle or muscles of the arteries (peripheral arterioles). These drugs block adrenaline and calcium entry everywhere throughout the cells of the body. Hence the cost of reducing BP is borne by the organ systems throughout the body. Constipation, Dizziness, Blurred vision, Urinary difficulty, Fatigue and Weakness, slow heart rate, precipitation of asthma and loss of erection, all are possible side effects of BP lowering drugs. The price paid for the phobia of high BP and the fear of heart attack.

When high BP is detected in middle ages, the patient is put on BP lowering drugs for life.
For all his life, the patient s body will be working at a lower BP than deemed right by his body. This may possibly cause weakness, tiredness, impotence, lower concentration and cerebration (ideation) making the patient quieter and mellower, which is often mistaken to be old age.

On the other hand, an individual with high BP could be exposed to a possible miniature risk of heart attack (if conventional medicine is to be believed) and enjoy a lifetime of alertness and high energy. Since blood pressure medication is lifelong, the patient may be plagued with diminished levels of energy, alertness and performance for the rest of his life.

Hence, the need to examine alternative remedies for High Blood Pressure.

Natural Healing Principles for High Blood Pressure

Lose weight if overweight. Gain some muscular weight if underweight by moderate exercise.

Exercise your heart by walking 40-60 minutes every day

Take a balanced diet and vitamin supplements

Reduce Salt intake. Replace by low salt supplements under doctor’s advice.

Increase fruit (Potassium) intake and Milk (Calcium) intake

Manage stress by daily meditation. If no time, then contemplate and settle your unresolved conflicts

Sleep enough, Sleep and wake up on time, expose self to sunlight for half hour every day

Stop non vegetarian food (especially red meat). Consume two eggs with one yolk to balance loss.

Alkalinize your system with Gourd juice or Raw vegetable juices

Stop Smoking and Alcohol. If you cannot reduce alcohol to 90 ml sipped in an hour.

With this remedy in 3-6 months, your blood pressure and pulse rate will start falling and this may enable your Doctor to taper your blood pressure medications and allow you to lead a healthy, drug free existence with BP within normal limits.

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