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In order to find any mean value, a significant number of subjects from all over the world must be plotted into a standard deviation curve having the shape of a parabola with an ascent, plateau and a descent. The start and end of the plateau will give the upper and lower values respectively.
Blood Pressure and Blood Cholesterol do not follow a standard deviation parabolic curve with a plateau, hence normal blood pressure or cholesterol cannot really be defined. High blood cholesterol is one the many factors in the causation of heart attack and stroke. According to the Framingham study, 60% of the risk of heart attack comes from being male.

The remaining is shared by:-

1.Previous history of heart attacks (in self/father/brother)
2. Obesity
3. Diabetes
4. High BP
5. Smoking
6. High cholesterol

In this regard, high blood cholesterol may not contribute to more than 10% of the total risk. Cholesterol lowering drugs lower the serum cholesterol. Cholesterol is not only present in atheromas or blockages within the arteries, but it is also normally present in the nerve sheaths of the Brain and other parts of the body. Thus a lower than normal cholesterol may cause memory loss and precipitate higher incidences of Alzheimer’s disease.

Cholesterol lowering drugs may cause serious adverse effects to the Liver and other body organs.

Hence it is advisable to lower your high cholesterol by lifestyle corrections, similar to that of high BP. Drug therapy should be the last resort, if all other measures fail.

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