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Knee Joint Replacement

Obesity, a civilized diet of processed and contaminated acidic food and inadequate exercise of the lower limbs causes wear and tear of the knee joint shock absorber. This causes age related inflammation called Osteo-Arthritis resulting in swelling, pain and a limp. The swelling is because of compensatory oozing of lubricating synovial fluid. The pain is to prevent further damaging movement. The limp is generated by the joint’s wisdom to rest the affected zone and at the same time allow locomotion and movement. However we interpret this as a finished joint and look for a permanent solution to a joint worn out after decades of abuse.

The Doctor then advises Knee Joint Replacement where the damaged cartilage is replaced with an artificial one. The damaged cartilage has life, gives pain and allows feedback to the patient, whereas the artificial replacement material is non-living, painless and indifferent to the body’s needs. The pain of surgery may take a few months to subside and you may now have to come to terms with the tantrums thrown by the knee joint in its rebellion to the introduction of foreign material into its confines.

Exercising the knee joint, losing weight to reduce the load on the joint and consuming green live food to facilitate the PH of the synovial fluid surrounding the knee joint may offer equally good relief.

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