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Do Not Believe in the strength of Tradition
Even if they have been held In honor for many Generations and many Places
Do not Believe Anything because many people speak of it
Do not Believe in the strength of the Sages of old times
Do not Believe that which You yourself have imagined
Thinking that a God has inspired you.
Believe nothing which depends only on Authority of Your Master or of Priests
After Investigation, Believe That Which You yourself have Tested and found Reasonable, And which is for Your Good and that of Others.

  - Gautam Buddha

Modern Medicine has made many advances. Newer technology like the CAT scan and MRI been invented, but these phenomenal inventions have not resulted in greater patient cure! Why is it so? Perhaps our understanding of modern medicine needs correction. Let us start from the beginning.

The PATIENT or the suferrer is so named as he is supposed to be “patient” with his illness. He is expected to exercise endurance of the illness while it resolves. However patient rushes to the doctor at the first instance of discomfort and has zero trust in the inherent healing processes of the body.

The DOCTOR is supposed to “care” for the patient in his illness, keep him reassured with his technical knowledge that the body is always right in its response to illness. He is to provide comfort for the patient during the processes of birth, growth, ageing, disease & death.

Man is a mammal. There are many inferior species under him - cats, dogs, cattle, fish reptiles, insects etc. All these lower animals live life comfortably without doctors, dentists, labs, X-ray’s, or drug therapy! They appear to be more comfortable in illness as well as in their lives, whereas with all our modern medical advances we appear to be LIVING IN FEAR & INSECURITY. What is really wrong with our Medical system?

Let us examine our INCORRECT outlook:

We identify any & all abnormalities as Disease
Even if disease does not cause any discomfort or distress e.g. Gallstones Kidney stones Varicose veins, Piles, Tumours, Skin infections are often asymptomatic.

We also identify the diseased part as Foreign/Alien.
For instance, we consider a Gallstone and Kidney stone to be as good as a pavement stone. And we hurry to get it removed even If it causes no trouble. A lump in the breast has to be removed irrespective of its nature.

We believe that the body has no mechanism to deal with disease
We fail to understand that the body has a process called INFLAMMATION to initiate repair and cause healing. Instead we consider inflammation detrimental to the body. We also wrongly believe in early remedy, failing which disease will progress.

We are also governed by leading thoughts & ideas.
For e.g. Smoking is blamed for causing Lung Cancer. Why then all lung cancer patients are not smokers? Why is it that all smokers do not develop lung cancer? Why are we governed by leading thoughts and ideas put forth by some scientist at some time in history?

We believe in surgically removing any organ that troubles us.
Appendix, Gall bladder, Tonsils, Teeth, Uterus all should be removed as soon as they cause trouble before giving the body a chance to resolve it

We believe that Lab tests, X-rays & Scanning will give us the exact diagnosis.
Actually these tests are letting us know about how well the body is coping with the disease Process. For e.g. If there is a severe infection, the blood WBC count rises to fight the infection and the fever serves to increase the immune response. Abnormal lab tests alarm the doctor and this alarm is often transferred to the patient.

We also believe that the body is wrong and the doctor knows better:
Hence we expect the doctor to come and set the body right. We don’t realize that the body is a computer of the highest order and the body is always right in its action, response and manifestation.

We believe Modern Medicine can reverse disease
After a century of research and billions of dollars spent Cancer, Diabetes, Heart attacks and Strokes are still irreversible.

We still believe that medicine will cure illness.
Colds will be cured, Cancer will disappear, Diabetes will vanish and Hypertension will settle. Modern medicine has only improved the diagnosis by expensive Scans and Scopes inserted Into all orifices. We don’t realise that medicine will only ease us, at the cost of creating some adverse effect elsewhere in the body.

We believe that conventional medical thought is right.
Fifty years ago, heart attack patients were kept in bed for 6 months, now they return to work in 6 weeks. So our belief that conventional medical thought is right is proving to be wrong

We believe that Doctor is GOD.
Even the Doctor likes to believe that he is God as he feels omnipotent We believe so, because we don’t want to feel hopelessly lost against disease. We believe that any and all manifestations of disease are harmful, ageing is abnormal & illness is a adverse happening.

We believe that Death is the most disastrous happening:
We believe death is an unnecessary tragedy of life. It is intensely painful, it is evil, bad and should be avoided at all costs. That the doctor will help us to combat/ delay it. We don’t realise that death is a necessary complement of life and that it is a painless release, the time decided by our DNA and out of control by the Doctor. So as is rightly said “If your time hasn’t come, not even the doctor can kill you!”


We are here not to worship what is known but to question it. The human body is designed to support itself. The functions of the human body are controlled by the cellular wisdom (DNA). This cellular wisdom bestows total competence not only in bodily function but also in dealing with the adversity of disease.

DIS- EASE is a manifestation of the body's DEFENCE to attack by disease. The various signs and symptoms of disease reflect the physiological alterations resulting in the body in order to restore normal function. Hence the dis- ease or discomfort experienced is nothing but a harmless and useful manifestation of the body's defence.

Research by Dr Piero Anversa at New York Medical College & Universities of Udine & Parma in Italy shows that heart muscles regrow (regenerate /multiply) after a heart attack. Even in cases of a heart transplant, the remnants of the old heart (cardiac stem cells from the patient’s bloodstream) migrate to the new heart and grow new cardiac muscle & blood vessels, building up to 20 % of the new heart. This was concluded after researchers found male cells in the donated female hearts to a male recipient. Thus the human hearts can repair itself, even after it is removed, as modern research suggests.

It is to be realized that the body known best how to cope with disease and that no support from outside will change the course or outcome of most diseases significantly. Wildavsky, a physician writes “the best estimates are that the medical system affects about the 10% of your health i.e. whether you live at all, how well you live and how long you live”

Also our assumption that all manifestations of disease are counterproductive and harmful has to be re-evaluated. The modern day physician has to reassure the patient that the body is doing almost everything there is to be done. The physician cannot be sickened by the patient’s sickness and has to have the courage to ask the patient to tolerate with patience and respect the body’s wisdom in all its manifestation.


We have to change our attitudes. Civilization has made our life style irregular. Faulty food habits, polluted air, sedentary life styles, smoking, alcohol, drug abuse have all contributed towards diseases.

By correcting life styles, we can go a long way in aiding our already efficient body to combat disease. Ideal life style habits like good healthy food, water, air, exercise, good thoughts go a long way in keeping us healthy. A few principles are enumerated below.

We must live in harmonious coexistence with bacteria Inside our body there are billions of symbiotic beneficial bacteria, fungi, etc. living in perfect harmony with our body. We must learn to respect this mutual coexistence. An occasional infection with bacteria in one site of our body does not necessitate aggressive antibiotic therapy as this will also destroy the symbiotic bacteria all over the body. Further this is assuming that the body is incapable of its own defence.

We must identify positively with Pain All healing in the body occurs with Inflammation. We call it ‘ITIS’ e.g. Tonsillitis, Bronchitis, Appendicitis etc. Pain is an essential component of inflammation. Pain does not permit us to exert and rests the inflamed part. Hence we must learn to associate pain with healing rather than associating it with worsening of disease.

All organs of the body are self-cleansing. The food pipe cleans itself by vomiting & diarrhoea, Urinary tract by frequent urination, Nose and Throat by sneezing & nasal discharge, Respiratory tract by cough, Gynaecological tracts by menstruation & discharge. So we must believe in the body’s defence mechanism of cleaning itself.

We must avoid radical intervention. The body knows best how to cope with disease. No support from outside will change the course or the outcome of most diseases. The doctor can only ease the pain, provide comfort, advise us on life styles, provide technical knowledge to understand the disease. We must learn to trust our bodies and live secure in the knowledge that all that happens within the body, happens for good!

We must realize that DEATH IS NOT ADVERSE and that THE DOCTOR IS NO GOD. Cooke in Oxford Companion to Medical Studies writes “most of medicine is about relief of, and comfort in suffering. And in the main very little to do with saving life"

Quoting from a popular medical textbook:

“From inability to leave well alone,
from too much zeal for what in new & contempt for what is old,
from putting knowledge before wisdom, science before art, cleverness before common sense,
From treating patients as cases & from making the cure of disease more grievous than it’s endurance
Good Lord, deliver us”

  - Sir Robert Hutchinson 1871 - 1960

To which we may humbly add-

“From disrespect for the body’s wisdom and contempt for the disease process,
From disregard for microorganisms, fear of death and disease
associating illness with death, and dissociating pain from healing
From awe of medical advances, underestimation of body defences
undue expectation from the doctor & impatience of the patient
From disbelief in the rules of destiny, God or Nature,
Good Lord Deliver us”

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