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1] Dr. Vatsal M. Kothari, Consulting Physician - Critical Care

Foreword for RAO'S Book on Natural Healing

Ex Associate Professor, Critical Care & Int Med,
King Edward Memorial Hospital, Mumbai
Director- Critical Care,
Kokila ben Dhiru bhai Ammbani Hospital, Mumbai

It gives me great pleasure to write this foreword to Rao’s book on natural healing. I have known Dr Deepak Rao for the past 28 years and found him to be an astute, compassionate and critically thinking physician.
Dr Rao has been an ardent student of the late Dr Manu Kothari who was a supremely brilliant and original thinker who taught us not to accept what is known but to question it.

Dr Rao’s primary principle in the treatment of patients follows from the Latin phrase “Primum non nocere”, which means- “First, do no harm”. Therefore, Dr Rao has based his medical practise on implicit faith in the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. Appropriate lifestyle modifications are also recommended.

This book will act as a guide to help prevent unwanted medical intervention and is thus strongly recommended to those wanting to better health and help their body to heal in as natural a manner as possible.
Dr. Seema’s chapter on Natural Healing principles is both comprehensive and well written. It is very relevant to today’s frenetic lifestyle of most individuals.

In the final analysis Dr Rao places his faith, in the process of natural healing which is the central theme of this book. I am sure that it will act as a wise and compassionate guide for those seeking direction on how to improve their health.

Vatsal Kothari

23rd Nov 2014.

2] Late Dr. Manu Kothari, Prof Emeritus KEM Hospital, Mumbai University

who originated the idea of the body's wisdom to heal

Comments on Dr. Rao's Research Thesis

“This thoughtfully researched and worded text rests on the leit motif of NAIR – NATURE ALWAYS IS RIGHT.
It also reveals another aspect: A doctor is defined as a person who thinks that he is wiser than the wisdom of the patients body.
The history of medicine is a graveyard of so many popular and confident theories and treatments of the past . Moral : doctors have proved wrong ;the body continued to behave right.

The Authors plea is: Trust the body and do not
F R I W A F T T -
( Fools Rush In Where Angels Fear To Tread ).

Time will show Dr. Raos innate faith in the marvelous wisdom of the animal body as right"

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