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RESPIRATORY FAILURE results when lungs fail, either O2 intake is blocked OR when CO2 expulsion is restricted. In Respiratory failure, a Ventilator is used to assist effort of breathing and provide effective oxygenation and elimination of CO2.

The Ventilator manipulates the respiratory rate, depth of breathing and concentration of oxygen supplied. In respiratory failure the inherent intelligence of the body itself alters these above parameters moment to moment.

So when the patient starts gasping or breathing shallow at very slow intervals or at a very rapid rate, the relatives panic and insist on ventilator support. Now the respiratory parameters are in external hands without a moment to moment monitoring by the body’s respiratory centre intelligence. The Ventilator is an abuse to the body’s intelligence and ties down the patient, sedating him and handicapping him with a disrupted relation with the environment.

The Lungs are inherently competent to manage reversible respiratory failure by making breathing deeper, shallower or faster. Only when the patient’s DNA determined breath quota is over, does he breathe his last. For those who feel that a ventilator may prevent death, they have to realize that death is a DNA determined event and not reversible by the use of the Ventilator.

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