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The intervertebral discs are shock absorbers that are placed in between two spinal bones or vertebra. Many factors cause premature wear and tear of these bloodless shock absorbers. Obesity places an additional weight load on the disc, inadequate exercise causes weakness of the para spinal muscles making the spine unstable and a urban diet of processed and sour food alters the PH of the disc tissue, making it tear prone due to acid erosion.

Due to such lifestyle abuse, the shock absorber ruptures, spills its rubbery jelly substance outside the intervertebral joint. Many times this compresses the roots of the nearby Sciatic nerve causing intense pain in the limbs and/or loss of sensation or movement paralysis of the toes.

At this stage surgery may be advised to relieve the pressure on the nerves and prevent paralysis. Surgery involves wrenching the slipped disk out of its intervertebral shelter and at times replacing it with an artificial titanium disc. Such surgery causes loss of mobility at the operated joint and can makes the spine rigid, while relieving the pain. However the same process of slip disc may affect the remaining four intervertebral lumbo-sacral joints, paving the path for subsequent surgeries.

On the other hand, given the correct environment of lifestyle change, the body attempts to bring about a settlement between the rigid nerve and the compressing slipped disc material. Ultimately the two opposing parties may resolve by adapting to the available nearby space without fighting against each other, thus relieving the pressure on the nerve roots.

So either ways, operation or not, a change in lifestyle is mandatory for permanent relief and prevention of slip disc disease.

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