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SYMPTOMS are the presenting complaints of the patients which cause distress and make them seek medical attention.

1. PAIN: The earliest symptom of disease is PAIN. This is a manifestation of INFLAMMATION, the process of REPAIR. PAIN is usually bearable. Many factors make pain a suffering. EMOTIONAL INSECURITY ABOUT UNKNOWN LURKING DISAESE within the body can exacerbate pain. Pain always has one simple message REST THE PART. Rest means the function of the part must be stopped. So if we are considering a fracture. We must rest the bones and not move the related body part. If we are considering Gastro Intestinal Tract we must rest it by staying NIL BY MOUTH. If we are considering the Kidney then we must again rest it from its function by reducing dietary proteins and thereby reducing amount of urea produced for the kidney to excrete

2. EXPULSION: The next Symptom of disease is EXPULSION of pus, debris or toxic waste of the repair process. This is in the form of




For the brain, the body creates vomiting and causes dehydration to reduce intracranial pressure inside the skull.

For CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM whenever the HEART pump is overloaded or strained, the circulatory volume of 5Litres loses a litre or two is exuded into minor intercellular spaces of the body like FEET or FACE resulting in swollen feet or puffy face. If lots of circulatory volume has to be lost, then fluid collects in the spacious Abdominal cavity called as ASCITES or WATER COLLECTION IN ABDOMEN.

BLEEDING OR BLOOD EXPULSION: The symptom of bold moderate disease is BLOOD STAINED EXPULSION as in:

Hemoptysis or Bloody sputum from Lungs,

Dysentery or Bloody mucoid stools from Intestines.

Hematemesis or Bloody vomitus from Stomach in Stomach or Liver disease

Bloody Urine from Kidneys.


The symptom of severe disease in any organ is its failure to function and sustain the human body. For any organ to fail, the disease process has to destroy 3/4th of the organ tissue. So, when organ failure is detected by lab tests, most of the organ has already failed. Organ failure leads to death if not reversed by the healing process.

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