Natural Healing Therapy
Without Surgery Drugs or Invasive procedures

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It gives me great pleasure in presenting this website on Natural Healing. The UCCA NGO trust is an organization of ex forces officers who are committed to serving the country in various fields, without compensation. The UCCA does not accept grants, donations, sponsors but works with the meagre earnings of the Directors.

Besides contributing to National security, the UCCA has to its credit seven publications in various subjects: Military training, political science, philosophy, self-improvement and medicine. Thousands of copies of our books have been gifted to the government free for use of the forces. The limited edition of our book on Military training has found its way into the libraries of INTERPOL, FBI and SWAT units’ world over. Our book on terrorism is regarded as the standard text for forces institutes all over India. Our book on political science is found in National libraries worldwide. Our book on philosophy is always in demand. Our book on Natural Healing is to prevent unwarranted intervention and make healing happier and comfortable. This book is an offering to the sick and ailing.

After 20 years of selfless service to the Nation, becoming one among the only five Indians to be given the rare President’s Rank Award for their work in military training, World Peace Award, US President’s Volunteer Service Award, the UCCA Directors, i.e. the Rao couple have decided to do service to mankind in yet another field of their expertise. NATURAL HEALING! This site is an effort towards the same.

Listed in this site are some fundamental explanations of how natural healing mechanisms present within the body, work in control, cure or prevention of disease.

For those who are more inclined, The UCCA trust NGO conducts training courses in the “Natural Health” way of life. We also encourage people to spread the knowledge of the Natural Health method of living and the associated principles of Mother Nature. This will help social awareness of healthy lifestyle and help in building health and preventing disease.
There are two training courses available:



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