Natural Healing Therapy
Without Surgery Drugs or Invasive procedures

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Natural Healing is the solution to prevent the modern day Interventional remedy of Cut, Replace, Transplant and Radiate.

It is healing by augmenting the body’s inherent defence mechanisms by physiological manipulations of body function.

Thus the patient heals happily and comfortably without cumbersome Lab, Scan, Drugs or Hospital.

This is an educative website with information on how the body has inherent healing mechanisms for its survival. It in no way contradicts existing Scientific belief.

We call this "Natural Healing"

If you are suffering from Any Disease and wish to avoid
Cumbersome Investigation, Invasive Intervention Toxic Drugs & Dangerous Remedies while following Scientific Logic,
You are Welcome to Consult Us !


We have got civilized. While this has given us the benefits of luxury, it has unleashed a host of diseases due to our sedentary routine, processed diet, polluted air, free radicals from electronic devices, immobile joints, inadequate sex, strained relationships, stress filled life with hectic schedules and tight deadlines.

The following AILMENTS have become exceedingly common,
Coronary blockades in the heart
Asthma of the lungs
Alzheimer’s disease
Fits and Parkinson’s disease of the Brain
Peptic ulcers and Hyperacidity
Piles and Fissures of Anus
Renal failure
Uterine Fibroid & Ovarian cyst of reproductive tract
Cirrhosis of the Liver
Thyroid swellings
High BP
Heart Attacks
Cancers everywhere, from head to toe
Infections such as Malaria, Typhoid, Hepatitis, Dengue, Swine Flu etc.

We also have serious situations where we are advised INTERVENTION such as:

Bypass surgery
Slip disc surgery
Root canal treatment
Liver transplant
Bone marrow transplant
Kidney transplant
Gall bladder removal
Appendix removal
Uterus removal -Hysterectomy
Shock therapy –ECT

When we are advised such intervention, our life suddenly turns 180 degrees and our very existence gets threatened. The indifferent specialists, the crowded busy hospitals, the lack of explanation, the take it or leave it attitudes send us into frenzy and we unwillingly succumb to the dangerous intervention without even knowing whether it is absolutely necessary or not. We spend our life’s earnings to undergo what we believe will effect a permanent cure. After the procedure we are left all alone to deal with the adversities, inconveniences and consequences of the unjustified procedure.

We no longer need to endure this anguish and distress. Natural Healing Therapy believes in warm and understanding physicians, who listen more to patients and request less Lab testing, avoid cumbersome MRIs and CT Scans, prevent Hospitalizations, stop unwarranted Surgeries and avert Chemotherapy where the adverse effects outdo the benefits. Above all they make the patient comfortable with his healing, confidence about his body, informed about the course and duration of his ailment.
Thus NATURAL HEALING Therapy heals rapidly and also makes the patient fearless and relaxed instead of disturbed and panic stricken.

After 20 years of selfless service to the Nation, becoming one of five Indians to be given the rare President’s Rank Award for their work in military training, World Peace Award, US President’s Volunteer Service Award, the Rao couple have decided to do service to mankind in yet another field of their expertise. NATURAL HEALING!

DISCLAIMER: The information given here is general and not intended for specific patients. Do not treat yourself without proper medical advice. Any information you may use from this website for self treatment is at your own risk

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